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quinta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2012

next game and the movie monster hunter(1 English)

After the premiere of "Resident Evil 5: Retribution" director Paul W. S. Anderson already planning their next projects. Among them is a movie based on the series "Monster Hunter" from Capcom.
In an interview with Japanese website Cinema Today, Anderson mentions that already planning the adaptation of "Monster Hunter" to the big screen. According to the director, Capcom has total confidence in his work, thanks to the business performance of "Resident Evil," which is the franchise's most successful games in cinema.
In addition to the film series "Resident Evil", Paul W. S. Anderson has a long history with video game adaptations for cinema. Are theirs, "DoA: Dead or Alive" (2006) and "Mortal Kombat" (1995), among others.
next game
One of the next games in the series "Monster Hunter" to hit store shelves is "Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate" which is scheduled for release March 2013.
Version for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U "Monster Hunter 3" released for Wii, "Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate" comes to laptop that supports stereoscopic 3D and the Slide Pad, which adds a new analog to the console. In Wii U, expected to use the GamePad for some functions, and both editions can interact with each other.
The game retains the style of hunting monsters of the franchise, with support for local multiplayer. Moreover, new creatures and weapons are also added.
next game and the movie monster hunter

we do not have videos or pictures and new game or movie but will post some pictures of the games predecessors in the series