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terça-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2013

DmC Devil May Cry (English)

today launched DmC Devil May Cry for Xbox 360 and Ps3 emEUA (I mistook the date of Brazil) in Brazil will be the 17th and in a few days (25) reaches for the PC that will try to make available for download
A Little Bit About DmC Devil May Cry
"DmC" is a reinterpretation of the Western game produced by Capcom originally Japanese in 2001. With a younger version of Dante, the game's British Ninja Theory shows the world completely corrupted by the demons, who rely on the power of the media to blind humanity to the evils of big devil, Mundus.
Even leaving out some iconic characters from the past, "DmC" makes use of a new plot and a distinctive artistic style to complement your battles exciting and a combat system refreshed.
Now let's see the Positive and Negative Points Points
Positive Points
Mechanical well built

The Ninja Theory not only assimilated well the DNA of "Devil May Cry" to maintain the high quality of the fighting system, but managed to turn it into the best of the series so far. The combos follow the pattern of all time, with combinations of air and ground strokes with the sword Rebellion, Ebony and Ivory pistols and other weapons and other classic novel, as the Arbiter demonic ax and sickle angelic Osiris. Add to that an intuitive and interesting system of "barter" skill, where the player has the freedom to improve given the blow gun and, in future, be able to clear it to enable a new blow to any other weapon.

The 'Devil Trigger' - enemies playing ability in the air and surrender to the hero more vital energy every blow - also is back, but with an aggravating factor in difficulty until more advanced enemies can take advantage of this feature. Return also important elements in the franchise, as the sequences of platforms and items like the golden orb that gives the hero the use of 'continuing', or the stars, it regained the power recovery Devil Trigger.

Finally, a warning to fans of challenge: the difficulty as 'human' is not very challenging and is clearly focused on the newcomers, there are a number of more advanced levels capable of transforming "Ninja Gaiden" on a walk in the park. The worst of them is the "Hell and Hell," which, in addition to completely change the way the enemies move, attack and deflect the attacks, still kills the hero with a single blow successful opponent.

With many extras, achievements and unlockable concept art, the game offers many additional hours of fun and challenge.
The new Dante is a nice guy

They say the first impression is the lasting impression. Bullshit. Try to forget the look 'emo' has been criticized by fans as the logo of the development of "DmC". The new Dante has more style and personality than the last.

Dante continues foul-mouthed, but despite very humorous, is not as clueless and uninterested in what happens around them. Presented as a Nephilim - half angel / half demon - until the hero is more humane than the original Dante, caring more about the world around them and taking important decisions and more appropriate to a hero along the plot.

The player can even be disappointed at first, given the immaturity shown by the boy, but events along "DmC" and decisions made convincingly portray and explain the construction of his personality to the end of the game.
Compelling storyline

Ok, the plot of the first "Devil May Cry" pleased and gothic atmosphere combined with the story of demons, but "DmC" offers a story more compelling and well resolved to the player. The game portrays a world "double", where nothing that humans see is what it seems and the line between good and evil is constantly distorted by the media.

Now, the war between the demons and Dante happen in the human world, in cities that resemble to some places in the United States, except that the demons are not seen by men. Humans have no idea who they are, nor their distorted version of the real world. For example, all the damage done by Dante in the first phase - a lot like the pier in Santa Monica, with a Ferris wheel among the attractions - is named by the media as a demonic terrorist attack led by an 'as Dante'.

The story is well tied and rhythm of "DmC" excited during the nearly 10 hours. There is something tiring, otherwise ends at the right time and not force as many endless battles in "Devil May Cry" of yesteryear.
Artistic and immersive

The Ninja Theory has beautiful art direction for "DmC". Every time Dante explores the scenario in the human world scenarios are completely disfigured by demons, showing blurred elements, damned souls suffering and even people totally disfigured.
There are good scenes and a stunning variety of creative scenarios, for example, the TV station and the town upside down with floating cars and buses. All very detailed and immersive.

Likewise, there is a good variety of enemies and common chefõe, with different sizes and styles of fighting. In "DmC" the player will face some of the coolest bosses and challenging games of action, not just by the mechanics and beauty of its scenery, but also the context that surrounds them and how they are presented.

Negative points

Lacked technical finesse in visual

According to Capcom, Ninja Theory decided to maintain the frame rate of the game consoles at 30 fps to focus on letting the look more beautiful, but unfortunately, not everything is so beautiful to see on "DmC". The impression is that the game tries to keep the other 30 frames per second in scenarios with dynamic changes so complex. This can be noticed, especially when the player decides to run and rotate the camera at the same time, resulting in large 'choked' in the game.

There are few times in that scenario is infested at very low resolution textures and - worse - without a filter graph to minimize the bad impression. As an example, the reflection of the sky in the cars have similar effect as seen in "Gran Turismo" for PS One, without any sign of anti-aliasing.

It is curious to a fault, as Ninja Theory is known for technical accuracy in his works, both in the characters' faces as the beauty of the surroundings. Until now the former "Heavenly Sword" did not have so many technical flaws