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segunda-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2013

Razer launches in Brazil joystick for Xbox 360 with OLED screen and 6 additional buttons (English)

Razer has announced the launch in Brazil the Sabertooth, control to Xbox 360 which has the differential, the presence of a mini OLED screen and 6 extra buttons.The additional buttons - two on each shoulder and two removable control on the back - can be configured to perform the functions of any other button control, facilitating the commands during the game.Have the screen OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) facilitates the configuration and joystick enables the reorganization of the functions of the extra buttons, sensitivity adjustment buttons on both analog and profiling. All the modifications of the preferential information can be viewed on the screen OLED, which is in front of the control.Besides all the possibilities for customization, the design of the Razer Sabertooth was developed to increase the speed of work, reduce fatigue and stimulate the natural position of the hands during games, giving greater accuracy and comfort to gamers during long marathons and enabling players Xbox 360 to reach the level of competition they've always wanted.The peripheral also comes with a cable that is bolted and fully detachable, and with a scholarship that allows the player to store and carry it without worrying about the possibility of damaging any parts.The Razer Sabertooth was developed by professional e-Sports and players. Major powers like Team Epsilon, Quantic Gaming and Team Prophecy were involved in the adoption of control and have trained with Razer Sabertooth for the next tournament.About Razer Sabertooth Elite Gaming Control for Xbox 360The Sabertooth Elite Razer Gaming Control for Xbox 360 is the successor of a reinforced control for the multi Xbox 360. Redesigned with even more opportunities for customization and control options and a new robust design that does not compromise comfort. 
- Price Estimate: U.S. $ 379.00- Availability: First week of March 2013Product Features: 
- 2 multifunction buttons on each shoulder of the joystick 
- 4 trigger removable multifunctional
 - 4 backlit buttons that come with Hyperesponse technology 
- OLED screen for customization settings 
- Surface rubberized anti-slip 
- USB Connector 
- Fiber braided and detachable 3 m long 
 -Storage Case 
- 2.5 mm jack for microphone
 - Approximate size: 110mm (length) x 154 mm (width) x 57 mm (height) 
- Approximate Weight: 288 g